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Twelve Wine Calendars That Have So Nothing at All to Do With Music ... And You Will Learn Why They Exist


The exception to the rule: Above, of course, it is not a music calendar, but a wine calendar. This way to the wine calendars with their monthly sheets✓✓



Yes, why do they exist, the wine calendars in a music calendar publishing house? Well, Flein in Southern Germany, where my wife Renate and I have been living for a very long time, is a locally very well known and beautiful wine village. And having already made two portraits about this place about 40 years apart, namely a one hour ( ! ) sound picture show by my father and a modern, sweet, short five minute digital show by Renate and me about a decade ago and only recently brought up to date again, there are many, many photos available. Not only of the place, but also of the wine. And if you then "arrive" more and more in the calendar industry, because you want to refinance your expenses for the huge Bach Mission, then you eventually come as a creative on the idea to compile a calendar about your home. And that was it: "Flein and Wine" became the first wine calendar of its kind. Of course, only for a few Fleiners and their friends. The acquaintance with the operator of a successful wine portal "Württemberger Weine" led to think more about the topic "wine calendar". And so they came into being: 11 more wine calendars.  ✓✓




99 + 3 Music Calendars, 1,188 Monthly Pages


Three music calendars, two composers calendars, one Bach calendar. ✓✓


One pipe organ calendar, one composer calendar, two music calendars. ✓✓


One music calendar for children, one music calendar for grownups.  ✓✓




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