The Wine Wall Calendar 2022 ... More Precisely ... 12 Cool Wine Wall Calendars 2022, 1 favorable, 11 Hot off the Press 


A wine wall calendar on a calendar portal around the topic music? Yes! Really truly a wine wall calendar? It is a calendar about wine, which appears in a wine-growing community in Southern Germany, namely Flein? 


That's right! This wine wall calendar is the famous exception to the rule. Do you actually know the portal ""? Not yet? Then have a look there. Either now immediately and via the link in the previous line ... or you read a little, below, about the exciting offer of this cool portal around the topic wine with its shop. However, it makes only sense for those folks with a German background or those, who learned German or, who speak German. 


Not in the mood for entertainment now? You want to discover the monthly pages or you want to purchase a wine wall calendar? Please click on the button.


The wine calendar with the order number 1. Also in terms of price (... not only because it is a wine calendar and not a music calendar) it is the famous exception to the rule. Because it is the wine calendar, which is available in the three sizes DIN A4, DIN A3 and also DIN A2 favorably. The copies of it are ready for shipment in Renate's Publishing House. The other 11 wine calendars are the so-called hot off the press wine calendars of the publishing house. The edition, from which we let these 11 further wine calendars print for you? One ... exactly ... one. My hot off the press wine calendars are only produced when exactly you order one. Or two. Or three, or if you are a winegrower, "quite a few". Can you live with the German title above? It's much more affordable, because with it, it's a favorbale wine calendar. In English it's a hot offthe press wine calendar.


The English title page of the wine wall calendar No. 1. So, "hot of the press", that means not value priced. We think it's not necessary, as every English speaking person knows what "Impressionen" (German) are in English.


12 Wine Wall Calendars: An Overview and Your Way to the Monthly Pages


The twelfth wine calendar, at the very bottom right of the image gallery and here, right above these words, is the wine calendar intended exclusively for winemakers, for restaurant operators and for beverage retailers. It's available with exciting volume discounts. And it is a personalizable wine calendar. It is not intended at all for private wine fans and wine connoisseurs.




Please Decide, Which Style Is Perfect for You


With the service of "Bach 4 You" there are always two options regarding style, when it comes to decide for a wine wall calendar. However, not all of the 99 music calendars are available in both options. Generally, the European style, which is also called poster style is a full format picture or art work and the timetable is only a minor part of the whole page. This is what the publishing house orders in a printing company here in Germany.


It's different with calendars in the style, which is so common in the USA. It is called a "brochure calendar" here in Germany and inside our "mission" we call it a "50:50" calendar, because, during the year you have 50 percent entertainment and 50 percent grid hanging on your kitchen wall. These 50:50 calendars are perfect for a kitchen, and they are tools, so to speak. A European style calendar is a decoration for many places of your home.


This is the calendar style, how you guys in the USA know it. Yes, my publishing house offers that style, too. However, it specializes in the so called "European Style". Learn more with a click here.




Three Cool Areas Is what You Find on This Page of My Website: 1. 12 Wine Calendars ... The Portal "Württemberg Wine", 2. The Calendar "Wine and Flein" ... and ... and 3. a Little Information About an Exciting Wine Portal on the Internet


"Württemberger" is a cool wine internet portal around the topic of the wine offer particularly in this federal state, called Baden-Württemberg. Blog, shop, interesting facts, entertainment. Here, the visitor reads about the topic "wine meets whiskey", about the "border crosser", gets information about training in this profession, and there are winegrower appointments, tips about wine institutions ... In short, it is worth adding this website to your favorites in your PC or mobile. Did you know  for example  that Baden-Württemberg is the fourth largest wine-growing region in Germany? The "Ländle" is what it is called here (... the Little Country), and on 11,000 hectares of vineyards, active Württemberger winegrowers produce quality wines that are known far beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg. 


Many winegrowers and winegrowers' cooperatives also offer their specialties on that portal. And you can order them conveniently on this website. Whether you live in Konstanz, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe  that is to say within the State borders  or in Munich, Kiel or Frankfurt on the Oder.


There is a currency converter for your convenience. Check the today's prices in every currency with a click on the button.


Do you see the personalization in the top left corner? On the title page of the wine wall calendar, which you saw for the first time above? This is also possible and together with a bottle of good wine it will be the coolest gift combination I can offer you, that is, more precisely, what "Württemberger Wine" and my wife Renate can offer together. 



If you are interested in more gifts in general click in the line below … learn more. 



Wine, Reading, Interesting Facts, Events


Organic wines are a separate category in the shop of the exciting portal of "Württemberger", there are kick-off packages, information about grape varieties, wine accessories and just the information about the vintage days is worth an exciting visit for some. Do you know wine pearls? Don't you? It is the current trend and there are also liquor pearls, liqueur pearl sand gin pearls.


This is the January page in the wine wall calendar.




A Personalized Wine Wall Calendar: You Get such an Offer Only in the Shop of "Bach 4 You": a Real Cool Wine Gift


No, it's not inexpensive, the personalized wine wall calendar. So ... as a single copy. For two reasons. First of all, we still have to work on it. Renate "tinkers" with it and agrees with you as a customer – directly or indirectly – whether the implementation is actually perfect. We receive from you the text he or she would like to have in the top left corner. A limited number of letters/words. Renate implements the wish and your customer receives – by e-mail, via you or directly – an "electronic proof". If this is "okay", Renate will have this special wine wall calendar printed for you. This makes it a print-on-demand wine wall calendar. So to speak. 1 single piece is printed for you. And that is more expensive, actually ... considerably more expensive ... than a small edition. And therefore it costs € 32.90, € 41.90 and € 59.90 (DIN A4 / DIN A3 / DIN A2, which is 210 x 297 mm, 297 x 420 mm, 420 x 594 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in, 11.7 x 16.5 in, 16.5 x 23.4 in). Plus S & H, including VAT.


Here is my request for your understanding. DIN A4 without personalization the calendar costs only € 11.90, plus S & H, including VAT. DIN A3 and DIN A2 it costs € 31.90 and € 49.90 (DIN A3, DIN A2), plus S & H, plus sales tax. The huge difference results from the difference, that the publisher orders a small print run from the small wine calendar ... and it does not from the medium and the big wine calendar. For your convenience: Here is a currency converter. Please check S&H in the shop: You get that information before your purchase.


Not earlier but with an order of from 10 and from 25, from 50 and from 100 wine wall calendars will be exciting, because here the design of your wish is shared and also the wine wall calendar can be printed more favorable. This is particularly exciting for winegrowers, winegrowers' cooperatives and the beverage industry.


This makes a great Christmas gift for good customers and for very good customers. My wife uses your logo and you get an electronic "test print". If you like what you see, my wife has it printed. Please plan your order well in advance of the holidays. Printing houses have bottlenecks in this time of year because it's the very season in this industry.


I invented this wine wall calendar, my wife takes care of the fulfillment (... she creates your wish, orders the wine wall calendar and sends it to you). And Silvia Schelle, managing director of "Württemberger Wein" (photo below) is our friendly conversation partner in Heilbronn, she lives five kilometers away from the lovely wine village Flein, where we live ... from house to house.


February in the wine wall calendar. You can enjoy all monthly pages here and at the bottom of the page at your destination.




Flein, the Cozy Wine Community in the Middle of the Wine Region Heilbronn, Southern Germany


No, the next section has nothing to do with the wine wall calendar or with the wine portal "Württemberger Wein". I present Flein to you here simply because it fits so well, because I write so gladly and I love to "tinker" websites. And because Flein is worth reading. And besides there are  aside from the pictures around Flein  also the other wine wall calendar pictures. Here and there. In the picture above you can see me sitting in Paris  behind the church Sacré Coeur  when one of the artists there draws a caricature of Johann Sebastian Bach for Renate and me and our "mission" and I photograph and film him.


It has been a while since Flein was first mentioned in a document: 1188.



In 1385, the Fleiners were "bartered" to the city of Heilbronn. About 4 centuries later, they had enough of it and became an independent municipality. And, that has remained until today and probably into the future. Neighbors are Talheim, Untergruppenbach and Heilbronn. If there is ever a second wine wall calendar  more exactly one about "Wine & Flein"  this photo above would probably be the January sheet. 


Around 7,000 residents live in Flein and wine growing is present everywhere. Tractors are part of the street scene and if you look closely and attentively, the wine is present everywhere in the village. The mayor's name is Alexander Krüger and the web address is  how could it be any different


On the first page of the website of Flein, a small video in English welcomes you. That is true for Germans and French virtual visitors, too. I can proudly say: Who did it? I did it. Well ... again together with Renate. You can find out more about Flein at Wikipedia.


The "old" town hall of Flein. In the wine wall calendar no. 2, it would have become the February page.



"Veit in the Häfele" is the Flein patron saint. So ... Saint Veit is meant and the Häfele is the little pot, in which Veit boils on the coat of arms in a way, as you imagine with the feast of the cannibals in the Caribbean, when you still read Robinson Crusoe. You can see this "Veit in the Häfele", as they say in Flein, on the video picture much further down in the upper right corner.


Right, in Flein the wine does not only grow in the vineyard, but also in the neighborhood. This photograph would certainly appear in the wine wall calendar no. 2. But ... whether it will ever come into being? Rather ... not!




From Here ... It's Much More Convenient: The Video About the  Community Flein


Of course, the video has to be updated from time to time. And, this will be the case in fall 2019, when the new EDEKA food market is finished. And because the video shows practically all the beautiful places, there are no more photos that I would like to show you here ... so for a second wine wall calendar. Anyway: It would really be a few wine connoisseurs, wine fans and wine enthusiasts, too few to address a buyer circle for such a wine wall calendar no. 2. Therefore ... the wine wall calendar, which is the subject of this page, will almost certainly be the only one and will remain so. However ... please read the very last paragraph on this page regarding this subject.



How Nice That You Are Still Here: As a Reward You Now Get My Wine Wall Calendar With All of Its Monthly Pages Also Here ... In Real Big Pictures


The wine wall calendar: The front page of the art work, which is really value priced in DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm, 297 x 420 mm, 420 x 594 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in, 11.7 x 16.5 in, 16.5 x 23.4 in) ... only € 11,90 including VAT, plus shipping and handling. Please note that the international title page saves you € 10 as we can take one from the shelf. With an English title sheet we would have to print one just for you. Okay? If not, return to the first two pictures on this page of this website.


Again, the title page of the wine wall  calendar, however, now with the personalized cover sheet.


January in my wine wall calendar (...yes, again here).


February in my wine wall calendar (... again, as well). Please be reminded: this is the wine calendar No. 1.


March in my wine wall calendar.


April in my wine wall calendar.


May in my wine wall calendar.


June in my wine wall calendar.


July in my wine wall calendar.


August in my wine wall calendar.


September in my wine wall calendar.


October in my wine wall calendar.


November in my wine wall calendar.


December in my wine wall calendar.


Here again the title page of the regular value priced wine wall calendar: Just to make you interested to give this wine wall calendar away to friends, or family which you visit around Christmas. 



Above is the international title page of the same wine wall calendar. And inside there is no text at all.


Now, is it worth € 10 more to have the title page in English? We don't think so. € 22.90 instead of € 11.90? That is the difference between value priced and "hot off the press". However, you decide.



More Ideas for a Second Wine Wall Calendar


Do you know me from the other pages of this website? Where I present you my composers calendars, my Bach calendars and my music calendars? Then you know: Only 1 wine wall calendar, that is actually not at all "my thing".


At least two should be and if you read through up to here, then you know, "Flein and Wine" is no option. There would be enough beautiful photo motives, but just too few buyers. Too bad ... actually. But, are there "wine stamps", as there are "Bach stamps" and "composers stamps": cool prints ... truck loads of them? There are 150 stamps with Bach motifs, one more attractive than the other. Second option, for the Bach and composers calendars was a collection of really cool historical or antique prints, postcards, engravings, advertising stamps or similar. There are such treasures regarding classical composers in general and Johann Sebastian Bach in particular.


A dreamlike stamp about the composer from the Republic "Ivory Coast" in Africa. I was sure: There are also such stamps available on the subject of wine ... and with it? Would it be possible to produce a wine stamp wall calendar, which would have become the wine wall calendar 2.


In fact, after intensive research in the right places, it turned out that not only are there very few stamps on the subject of wine, they are also not "extraordinarily exciting". Unfortunately, again no topic for a wine wall calendar No. 2.


That is what I mean ... or ...


...this "treasure". Something similar just had to be found simply to the topic wine. But ... no sign of it ... again 12 such treasures as above resulted in a first Bach calendar with such prints, 12 others in a second Bach calendar with those jewels.


That's right, it's sort of nice. But so inspiring that it will be January, May or October in the wine wall calendar number 2. Well ... rather not.


If you are still here now, then I may at least present you my findings of 2nd choice here as well. Right: likable, lovable, nice ... but ... that is simply not enough. So it remains thereby: There is "only" one wine wall calendar of me ... and really only a wine wall calendar. 



The End of the Little Wine Magazine Page on This Wine Wall Calendar Website: With Personalization This Wine Wall Calendar Is Definitely the Most Personal Wine Wall Calendar of the Wine Wall Calendar Publishing House "Bach 4 You" 


What if you give away that wine wall calendar away as a gift for all of your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, buddies, choir friends, the organist, the piano teacher, family members and so on. Order 10 of these individual calendars in the small size and it's cheaper than one regular (... not personalized) wine wall calendar: The personalization cost fades away and it develops into a rebate situation!!! Of course, the personalization then  would be "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  f r o m Dave and Chris" (... for instance).


What a gift for customers, what a gift for suppliers, guests and business partners.


This wine wall calendar page on this wine wall calendar website just has to end with a sensational offer for wine-growers and professionals in the wine and beverage and restaurant industry. Surprise your customers with a gift that's more than individual ... a whole year long, high value reminder of your partnership with both customers and suppliers.




Tadaa, What a Surprise ... Yes, There Are More Wine Wall Calendars


Somehow, someday ... it happened that we regretted not to make a wine wall calendar about our hometown Flein now and more intensive search led also to finding more historical components ... and many were simply really cool. And there were still the great photos of the many wine landscapes archive. And so we decided to create – and here again I exaggerated – another 10 wine calendars. One of them is a very special one, and we call it "premium personalized". It is only meant for winegrowers, winegrowers' cooperatives and the demanding local wine and beverage trade.


Now the texts in the sections above were all written in the summer of 2019, but the other 10 wine calendars were created shortly afterwards, in the early fall of the same year. So you now not only experience – not in real time of course – the decision to leave it at one wine calendar (... above), but afterwards, here in the last quarter of the page, also how all this changed. And the offer of one wine wall calendar became a variety of 12 wine wall calendars. But that also makes one thing clear: A wine stamp wall calendar will actually never exist.


No way, a wine wall calendar about the wine village Flein? Via the link you get to all pages and the prices for all 3 sizes.


Yes, it is colorful, the vineyard in the fall and the wine wall calendar with the order number 3. Click here to explore all the monthly pages.


Undoubtedly the noblest of the 12 wine wall calendars and one of two portrait format wine wall calendars. The exciting thing are the lights on the bottles and glasses. It has the order number 4 and the monthly sheets can be found here.


Now ... are you in the mood, to order a wine wall calendar? Please click on the button to your right.


The second portrait wine wall calendar. Old printings, mostly postcards and a single vine leaf in the fall are presented in front of a vineyard wall. And here ... here are all 12 monthly pages.


A real firework of colors is a collection of 12 fantastic fall leaves motifs that make a great wine wall calendar. Explore all 12 motifs from next January to next December with one click here.


12 wonderful photos of wine landscapes provide 2 wine wall calendars, which differ as "Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2". The first is the order number 7 ...


... and "Vol. 2" is the order number 8. Also, here, you can explore all monthly sheets immediately and with one click.


Wonderful age-old advertising in great colors is placed on a black/white photo. A huge year number decorates each month page as a graphic element. The order number? It is the number 9.


And again 12 dreamlike nostalgic postcards, as they were sent many, many decades ago. Enjoy all 12 monthly pages today after clicking on the link. The wine wall calendar order number is 10.


Wine Barrels. The wine wall calendar order number is 11.


Complicated? Maybe a little: Without personalization it is the wine wall calendar with the order number 1. With personalization, it is the order number 11 for both beverage professionals and private wine connoisseurs. The motifs on the monthly sheets are the same. With a click here you are already there in "warp speed".


Are you a wine and beverage professional? If so, please contact my wife Renate, and she answers your questions. Upfront you might want to experience all the details that are coming with this special offer of a premium-personalized wine wall calendar, like prices, sizes and most of all, the monthly pages. Click to the shop of "Bach 4 You" and discover the monthly pages there.



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