Music Calendars for Children (Survey): 33 Hot Off the Press Music Calendars for Children, Teens, and Young Adults  


These music calendars for kids, teens and young adults are compiled from "Music Calendars" as well as "Composers Calendars" and then also "Bach Calendars". And right away you get the prices here: The hot off the press music calendars for children and teens cost € 23.90 / € 32.90 / € 49.90 in the sizes DIN A4 / DIN A3 / DIN A 2, in each case including VAT, plus S&H costs. Please check here, what's that in your currency and learn what the sizes are in centimeters and in inches. ✓✓



Sorry, you can order no calendar right here on this website, as Peter is just the author of these 99 music calendars and this website. However you can purchase one (... or more) of these music calendars in my shop, just order or send a mail to Renate Bach, owner of the Renate Bach Publishing House. With a click on the shop button or right here you will get to the shop. There, you can discover the monthy pages, too.  ✓✓


Children's calendars and more children's calendars and all are related to the subject of music. Alternatively, you may call it music calendars for children, nothing but music calendars for children. However, all of them are pedagogical and one idea is to support a first contact with classical music or have them as a support when your child learns a musical instrument. At least ... this calendar is a perfect music gift. 33 music calendars. Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.  ✓✓




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On the left side, it is a composers calendar, which is a music calendar at the same time. On the right side it is a composers T-Shirt, which is ... of course ... a music T-shirt at the same time.  ✓✓


On the left side it is the Bach Coloring Book, a cooperation of three Bach family members in Germany and in the United States. On the right it is the current pipe organ calendar.  ✓✓



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