The Project "Bach On Bach" of Peter Bach, Jr. Plus the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You": Together It Is Our Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Mission and the Classical Music for Children Mission


The author of all music calendars and photographer Peter Bac,h Jr. (... on the left ... so ... me ...), the IT specialist, publisher, Bach genealogist and another creative mind in the mission, Renate Bach (... my wife) as well as my sister, Petra-Ines Kaune, who painted the cute illustrations in the "Bach Biography for Children". Three likeable contemporaries are – so to speak – the heart of the "International Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team".


Promise: There is no page on this website without one of my favorite music calendars. This artwork above, painted by Petra-Ines Kaune to illustrate the "Bach Biography for Children", is the cover of an entire music calendar to go with the book. By the way, you can also order the Bach Biography and the Bach Coloring Book (... both below) through the Publishing Houase "Bach 4 You" of my wife Renate. Get there with a click here.  ✓✓


If you are interested in more music gifts in general click in the line below. For music T-shirts choose "Spreadshirt" or "Zazzle", for music calendars with a  grid choose "Zazzle" … learn more.  ✓✓


Also these four publications, which I have written and designed with much fun and love, you can order in Renate's Publishing House Shop. The cost is € 22,90 for the "Bach Biography for Children", € 9,99 for the booklet "Classical Music and Children" (... caution, it's in German, there is no English counterpart), something exciting and cute for adults ( ! ), € 6,99 for the Bach Coloring Book with mini biography (... 500 words short) and € 9,99 for the Bach Kindergarten Game. The biography is also available as an eBook (EPUB) for € 9,99, as a PDF for your tablet for € 18,99 and as an audiobook with no Bach music (€ 18,90), with 19 Bach music works (€ 19,90) and with 66 music passages (€ 22,99). Check here, what the prices are in your currency.  ✓✓


Three music calendars, three composers calendars, three gifts for musicians.  ✓✓



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