Renate Bach, the It Specialist, Bach Genealogist, Publisher and Creative Part ... One “Third" of the “Mini-Dream-Team” in the Musician Family in Flein, Southern Germany 

Renate Bach: She is the IT specialist, creative mind and the Bach genealogist in our mission.  ✓✓


That is Renate Bach and she is the other half of our "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission". Peter, my husband, is the author, writer, website creator and photographer. I am owner of my tiny one person publishing house. So I am responsible for all final layout challenges, whether it' related to Peter's books - the existing ones and those, which he plans - or regarding the 99 calendars, which he "invented", that is to say first build in his dreams, after that in a first layout on his computer - and finally left "the rest" to me.


To keep both sections of the mission consequently separated, as law requires in Germany, we have our clear sections each of us. I run the publishing house, he is the author of books and his "Bach On Bach" project. Combined it's our Johann Sebastian Bach mission.


Although this publishing house "Bach 4 You" is a very really very tiny company, it's a power house combining all the conservative values like reliability, customer oriented and punctuality with the possibilities of nowadays print and internet technology.



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In This Bach Dream Team, the “Women’s Ratio” Is Right: This Is How a Cool “Bach Biography for Kids” Is Developed!


My husband's sister Petra-Ines Kaune. She made the illustrations in Peter's "Bach Biography For Children". Plus there is a calendar with her illustrations matching the biography. 



Underway in the Matter of Johann Sebastian Bach


That's me "ticking" for decades. No ground is too dirty for me, no position too strange ... just to take great photos. By the way, these photos are taken while – in Paris, behind Sacré-Coeur – an artist painted a caricature of Johann Sebastian Bach. You'll notice a picture of J.S. Bach above the painter's left arm. While I was taking pictures, I also had my video camera on a tripod, filming the whole process of painting. Can you see the tripod and camera right at the top of the picture? And why a video recording of the actual painting process when the caricature was created? Because it was going to be a "story" about our whole adventure. Renate ended up taking photos of me as well, while I was taking photos and filming. Confusing? Yes, that's what we are. But ... only sometimes.  ✓✓


The great composer and Renate in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany. ✓✓


Renate Bach with Mrs. Brück, Bach author and Bach genealogist, in Erfurt in Thuringia, Germany. She died much too early and a few years after we were allowed to get to know her. ✓✓


The complete dream team regarding the "Bach Biography for Children" in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.   ✓✓


99 Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars and Pipe Organ Wall Calendars


A music calendar and at the same time a composers calendar. Except for the blue color parts, it is a very conservative calendar.




Tadaa, All My “Tinkering Works”: 99 Music Calendars


99 + 3 music calendars. Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.   ✓✓


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