The Calendar Purchase Help Desk: Information About the European Style Vs. the "50:50" Style, Currency Converter, Your Way to the Shop, S&H Fees, Rebates and the Difference Between Value Priced Calendars and Hot off the Press Calendars


A page on this website without a music calendar? You know ... it's just not possible. ✓✓



How Can I Purchase One of These Wine Wall Calendars?  


If you want to purchase a music or wine wall calendar find prices, sizes, item numbers and fees for S&H in the Shop of the Publishing House "Bach 4 You". also in the shop you can explore all 12 monthly pages and you get more information about the rebates. Click on the button below. ✓✓


What Actually Are Hot off the Press Calendars?


We believe that some calendars sell better than others: 9 + 2 of them. From those 9 + 2 wall music calendars we ordered an edition of between 10 and 30 copies. We got those for a lower price and we sell those for a lower price to you.  ✓✓


Hot off the press calendars are printed on your order only. That is why they are a little more expensive. That is true for 90 calendars. The same is true for 11 wine wall calendars. However, one wine wall calwndar is affordable and for that reason lower in price. and the same is true for 9 + 2 music wall calendars. ✓✓



Where Do I Find Handling and Shipping Fees (S&H)? 


You find handling and shipping fees (... S&H) in the shop. Decide for one calendar section first. After that decide for one calendar and click on the button below the pic. After that, you'll find the handling and shipping fees next to the wine wall calendar picture. You get to the shop with a click here.  ✓✓  




How Do I Know What Is € 13.90 and More Prices for the Wine Wall Calendars in My Own Currency ... in My Country? 


You do not even have to click to a different website. It's even more convenient: Here is a converter. Just hit in the calendar price in Euro and the result shows your purchase price in your currency in no time.  ✓✓


What Is a "50:50" Style Wine Wall Calendar and What Is a European Style Wine Wall or Poster Style Wine Wall Calendar? 


In brief: A "50:50" wall calendar is meant to make notes on which day is which appointment, brithday or anniversary. That is what the lower part is for. 50 % of the calendar area on your wall is a large field of numbers which are the days of this month. So, half the calendar monthly's pages are decoration, half is space is good for notes. So the whole thing is what you would not hang on a wall in a nice room, in any nice room.  You will find all "50:50" wine wall calendars and also many more music wall calendars in my "Zazzle" Shop. With just one click.  ✓✓


A European style or poster style calendar reserves some 90 to 95  % for a nice picture or an exciting illustration. The calendar however is some  5 to 10 %, it matches the design of the whole artwork plus there is no space at all for notes like appointments. That is what you have your smartphone for ... nowadays. Bottom line: A European style calendar is for decoration only. Such a calendar is, what you want to hang everywhere, depending on the design of the monthly pages and your home.  ✓✓


See the difference? While the grid section on the left for notes is gigantic, it is tiny – and actually almost not to realize – in the right calendar monthly page. The weekdays, the month, the year and numbers in black and red are only a creative detail. On the left it's sort of a nice tool, on the right it's sort of almost purely artwork. ✓✓ 




An "Oops" on My Wine Wall Calendar Page of My Website? Meet One of My Favorite Composers Calendars


One final of my calendars, a composers calendar on this page. The portraits are wooden engravings and the cities which match the masters are real great photos. Your choice: 99 music calendars. Three sizes. 2023 + 2024. To the shop.  ✓✓


If you are interested in more music gifts in general please click on one of the buttons above. Learn more. ✓✓


Two music calendars: On the left it's a music calendar for children and on the right it's a composers calendar, one of 33. ✓✓



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