European Style Vs. "50:50" Style: Poster Vs. Grid


What is "50:50" style? Well, there are terms among the professionals in the wall calendar industry. However, we didn't know the terms in the very beginning, so we just assume, you might not know that, too. So, we created our own term, when we realized for the first time that there is an essential difference between those calendars which you find in malls and in bookstores, during late fall and New Years Eve in the USA and maybe other countries and those, which the Renate Bach Publishing House offers, and which are much more common in Europe. Check with the first illustration below, what both calendars look like, when you discover them on the internet (... those from "Bach 4 You") or in the malls in the United States of America, for instance. 


Correct, they look absolutely the same regarding size and style. However check the pics below, what happens if you hang one on your wall. At that very moment, you discover a essential difference. With a "50:50" calendar the "nice and beautiful" part of the calendar goes down to 50 %. Althoug the size doubles. That is why you probably would never hang a 50:50 calendar on the wall of your living room or your music room.  ✓✓


Okay ... but keep in mind: The calendars which are common in the USA and maybe more countries double ( ! )  in size, after you remove the film, shortly bevore you hang them. In the European style, the monthly pages are the same size as the title page, which you hold in your hand, shortly before you buy it. However, they have no grid to leave notes!   ✓✓




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