My 99 Music Calendars, My Composers Calendars, My Bach Calendars and My Music Calendars for Children and Young Folks: Music Calendars in European Style and in US Style 


"Tinkering" music calendars is my hobby inside my hobby ... I am Peter Bach, Jr. and I created all these 99 music calendars: composers calendars, music calendars, pipe organ calendars and Bach calendars. Of course, I would be happy if you would be enthusiastic about one of these small creative "works of art". However, please remember: This whole website is promotion, or advertising ... just ... ads. This is how we – my wife Renate and I – try to refinance our Bach Mission. ✓✓


Two pics of me, Peter Bach, Jr., two pics of Renate Bach, the owner of the Music Gifts Publishing House "Bach 4 You".  ✓✓


I have been working in public relations for newspapers and printing companies for 40 years. So the music calendars are, also technically, absolutely high quality and professional.  ✓✓


Music calendars and more music calendars: That is the motto of this website. I have fun creating calendars. However, just calendars related to the subjects of music, composers, Bach and music for children. My name is Peter Bach, Jr. and I am related to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. You can learn a little more about me by clicking on the link, a little further up. And here you can – alternatively – also already "turn off ": to the Bach calendars, the composers calendars, the pipe organ calendars or the music calendars, such for adults and such for children and teens. Or simply use the navigation on the right. My latest "invention" are two great gifts each for Valentine's Day and also two for Mother's Day: the two Valentine's Day Calendars and the two Mother's Day Calendars. You can also find out how shopping works right away, if you'd like. And that is here.  ✓✓


Plus you get the prices upfront here. There are two categories: value priced and "hot off the press". The value priced cost – in the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" of my wife Renate – DIN A4 only € 11.90, DIN A3 € 18.90 and A2 € 39,90. The "hot off the press" calendars cost only € 22,90 / € 31,90 / 49,90 (... please check here what the sizes are in centimeters and in inches, plus what's the amount today in your currency). VAT is included, please add S&H. Find the S&H amount in the shop.  ✓✓


To at least partially offset the expenses "in the matter of Bach" for many, many illustrations, trips, books, DNA tests and much more, my wife and I offer these calendars. Music calendars, pipe organ calendars, composers calendars and Bach calendars. Together 99 themes and designs are available for you to choose from. I came up with these themes, photographed for them, designed, organized and then implemented further ideas together with about 50 artists. You can buy all music calendars in European format as poster calendars directly in the Publishing House Shop of Renate. As a "50:50" calendar, as you love calendars in the U.S. and perhaps in other countries, so with a large grid in the lower half, is what you get them via our "Zazzle" Internet Shop with a click here. How it works, is what you can read by clicking in the navigation. Plus, very important ,that's why you read here about again shortly: There are affordable calendars of all themes, but also – and ten times more of them – hot off the press calendars. Both groups differ in the purchase price. You will find 33 calendars on the topic "Bach", 33 calendars on the topic "composers", several pipe organ calendars and 33 calendars on the topic "music". And there is something very special and exciting new: that is, two Valentine's Day calendars and also two Mother's Day calendars, as well as 11 gorgeous wine calendars. ✓✓



You get a quick overview of all 99 value priced and "hot off the press" music calendars with no read via the close button to your right. ✓✓



The 9 + 2 Value Priced Music Calendars


My favorite music calendar, the 2022 Pipe Organ Calendar. ✓✓


Music calendars and more music calendars: It's almost all about them on this website. 33 Bach calendars, 33 music calendars, 33 composers calendars and several pipe organ calendars. And of these 99 calendars, 33 are music calendars especially for children. For little kids and for big kids and for teens and for young adults. There are nine inexpensive music calendars and 90 hot off the press music calendars. The sizes are DIN A4, DIN A3 and DIN A2 (... check here again, what's that in centimeters and in inches). And there are music calendars in landscape format and music calendars in portrait format. Simply : Music calendars about music calendars. For folks in the USA and mybe more countries in the world we also offer these calendars, which we call "50:50 calendars". That is the upper half is a nice motif, the lower half is a gigantic grid to put in notes, anniversaries and birhtdays. ✓✓


One calendar especially for Mozart fans and one especially for Beethoven fans. The occasion for their creation was the 250th birthday of the super composer Ludwig van Beethoven. ✓✓




If you are interested in more music gifts in general click on the link below. For music T-shirts choose "Spreadshirt" or "Zazzle", for music calendars with a  grid choose "Zazzle" … learn more here.  ✓✓



Two Valentine's Day Calendars and Two Mother's Day Calendars


The Valentine's Day Calendar 1, of course it's also a music calendar. ✓✓


A dreamlike additional gift for Mother's Day (... and because of the reference to the theme of music also a music calendar): the Mother's Day Calendar 2. Additional? Yes, it is not to replace the actual gift for this day of honor. It should be the surprise. As an additional gift. Just for Mother's Day.  ✓✓


It is not a music calendar, but it belongs to the only category of calendars I have also "invented" that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with music. It is one of 12 wine calendars. ✓✓



The Really Cool Service of a Publishing House in Southern Germany: 99 Great Music Calendars 


Calendars related to the subject of "Bach", the subject of "composers", pipe organ calendars and calendars in the matter of "music". On this page I want you to meet my 10 favorite music calendars. However: You will get to a very compact selection better  and of course also quite fast  via the navigation on the top right ... or with a click here. This first page of my website is intended exclusively for your entertainment. It is about the topic music calendar ... but the topic of music calendars in general! In the picture above is one of my pipe organ calendars: It is the pipe organ calendar of the publisher, in the meantime one of several pipe organ calendars, because you can order all those of the past years as well, then of course with current calendar.  ✓✓


One of my favorite music calendars for children. It is my next favorite calendar. Of course, these music calendars are not only for children, but also for teens and for the young at heart at an advanced age. By the way, you can get to all the monthly sheets first via the navigation. There you decide for a calendar section. And then there are the 12 monthly sheets with a click on the button below the calendar of your choice. By the way, this calendar above is one of the 90  hot off the press music calendars.  ✓✓




The Entertaining Gift Reading on This Page: Much Information Related to the Subject of Calendars and More of My Most Beautiful Music Calendars Here as Little Appetizers


Music calendars and more music calendars. Directly to the 33 great Bach calendars for Bach enthusiasts, the 33 exciting music calendars for practically all age groups from 2 to 107 and the 33 most different composers calendars with the two special exceptions, that is the Mozart Calendar and the Beethoven Calendar, you can get – as already mentioned above – by clicking on the navigation at the top right (... But you could also click here on this link ... an "insider tip" ... of course only with a smile). Almost forgotten in the list above is of course my Pipe Organ Calendar, and indeed a new one every year. Well, basically it is one of the music calendars.  ✓✓


 On this page of my website you can read from here and now exclusively what there is worth knowing on the subject of calendars. Order these calendars listed above can then by the way ... well, you know ... your bookstore from my wife Renate. Directly from me ... you cannot order a music calendar. But now "without joking": My wife, from whom your bookstore orders for you, is not a big calendar publisher, but she works extremely reliable, fast and carefully. And she loves quality ... in every respect. ✓✓



Isn't this composer calendar cool ? The next favorite music calendar of my choice. And no, it's definitely not a music gift for stamp collectors. It is in fact a music gift or musicians for classical music fans.   ✓✓



How to Order Your Music Calendar Real Quick: That Is How the Whole "Game" Works 


Only briefly that, before we come to the topic of calendars in general. Whether you have found me on the internet at Google ... whether you have asked in your bookstore for music calendars, whether you have been sent from there to this, my website ... or whether you are standing now directly with your bookseller or with a service specialist at the moment in front of the PC in your bookstore ... here is information how "all this" works really well: with the selection and with the ordering of my music calendars. It's like buying in any other online shop. Here is the link to Renate's kingdom. ✓✓ 


Little animals and music: Is there a combination that children could find more funny? I don't think so. This is the next of my 10 favorite calendars about music, Bach, pipe organ and composers ...  ✓✓


... however, this music calendar (... my favorite calendar No. 5) is almost again a portion cuter. That's why this one is also one of my favorites.  ✓✓


A play on words: Above it's a Bach calendar, then a music calendar, it's two composers calendars and that makes ... somehow ... three music calendars.  ✓✓



Please support our Johann Sebastian Bach Mission … learn more here.   ✓✓



Calendars, Calendars: Here Is Where Fun and Information Now Starts ... Have Much Fun With Your Reading


A stamp on the subject of calendar (... not on the subject of music calendar). Oh, and how nice: You speak Italian, don't you?! On the bottom right of the stamp, the theme for the issue is noted in Italian and you know what it's about. In 1982 it was issued in Italy and here – on my website now – you can admire the stamp in all its beauty and in a size never seen before. However, the publisher is not the state of Italy, but the Vatican.  ✓✓


By now I have introduced you to well over half of my favorite calendars, but not yet to the music calendar above, which belongs to the group of music calendars for adults: a wonderful musician gift or also a great gift for music fans. It is part of the hot off the press music calendars price group. ✓✓




Again a Favorite Calendar: 12 Cool Composers on 12 Even Cooler Age Old Historic Newspaper Titles


Enlarge and enjoy the individual monthly pages of this calendar in the "Composers Calendar Corner" of my website. The resolution of the scans of all 12 newspaper pages is simply breathtaking. Even on an A4 music calendar you can read the text of the newspaper  (... check here, what's that size in centimeters and inches).  ✓✓



Regarding the music calendar and composers calendar above: It's been quite a while since there were entertainment gazettes that looked like daily newspapers in Germany back then. And with names like "Über Land und Meer" (... "Over Land and Sea"), "Allgemeine Familien-Zeitung" (... General Family Newspaper") and "Illustrierte Welt" (... Illustrated World). They were not yet daily newspapers as we know them today. Rather, back then it was a mixture of the precursor of our illustrated magazines today and the current magazines: entertaining and with pictures. ✓✓


"Über Land und Meer" ("Over Land and Sea"), 1858 almost exactly 100 years prior to my birth (1957) was published for as long as 65 years. And that was once a week in Stuttgart, in Southern Germany. Karl May was surely the most famous author which we (... Germans) know, Wilhelm Busch, a famous painter in Germany was also one of the artists, who contributed drawings. Those who want to learn even beyond this general about that, are best off here.  ✓✓


The "Illustrierte Welt" (... "Illustrated World") were publications about nature, science and life, which were written for "entertainment and instruction of the family".   ✓✓


Really exciting to mention in this context is also the publication "Die Gartenlaube" (... "The Garden Arbor"), which many a grandfather and grandmother from the past still know so really well. It was actually "closest" to our illustrated magazines of today and in the libraries of the universities in Germany you can still browse through edition after edition. For example, if you are "on the way in the matter of genealogy". More precisely in the matter of Bach Genealogy. Here you can learn quite a bit more about "The "Gartenlaube". By the way, it was published in Leipzig from 1853 to 1944. In a top ciculation of 5 million copies.  ✓✓


The "Gartenlaube" (... the "Garden Arbor"). When I was looking for a tiny, hidden hint about the Bindersleben line in the musical family of Johann Sebastian Bach, I "dug" through hundreds of editions and thousands of pages at the university in Heidelberg. Do you know what the real challenge was for me? This historical ancient "stuff" is so exciting to explore that every ten minutes you catch yourself reading to learn what you only knew of the world back then, when America from Germany was so far away that you had to spend many weeks on a ship. And not like today, jetting once across the Atlantic in eight hours and then complaining that the tomato juice wasn't served at the perfect temperature. But now back to the topic here: the calendar.  ✓✓




Calendars, Calendars ... There Is so Much to Discover! 


You already knew: There is the Julian calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the Peasant Calendar, the 100-Year Calendar. But have you also heard about the Egyptian Calendar, the Attic Calendar and the Chinese Calendar? Yes, you have heard about the Chinese Calendar.  ✓✓


You must have known about the Roman Calendar, the Ancient Roman Calendar and the Lunar Calendar. But, do you know about the Islamic Calendar, the Jewish Calendar, and the Mayan Calendar?   ✓✓


About all these different ways how people and nations agreed on the classification of the time in the past and the present in such a way, you can inform here and today. If you have the feeling, a little clear and also compact information could be quite exciting now, then read a little further. What you could be able to know about calendars.  ✓✓


There is even the Southwest Arabian Star Calendar. Well the latter calendar is an ethnological study. Namely by Andre Gingrich. On the structure, content and regional comparison of a tribal agricultural calendar of the Munebbih in Yemen. Everything clear? Rather ... no and we don't want to get that deep into the matter.  ✓✓


But there are far more calendars that do not seem as extremely exotic as the Southwest Arabian Star Calendar: There are pregnancy calendars, the well-known Mayan calendar, of course, an altar boy calendar, the geological calendar, the calendar for star lovers, the cycle calendar, Brandenburg's First Interfaith Calendar, the Hamburg Real-Time Calendar and of course, it must not be missing – and certainly not on the first of December – of each year: the Advent calendar.      ✓✓


Quite clearly ... also one of my favorite music calendars: 12 Bach portraits painted back then by artists of a middle league ... that is, not the very well-known ones like Haußmann or Ihle, but also not so very unknown experts. And in addition, there are 12 portraits of future masters who will perhaps be counted among the very greats in 100 years. To access all Bach calendars, use the navigation at the top of this page and then to the right. Or – much easier – right here.  ✓✓




The Advent Calendar 


First, the most important thing about the Advent calendar: It is called Advent calendar in Austria, without the "s" (... sort of funny only for folks from Germany, Switzerland and Austria). And there are two ... did you know? The civil Advent calendar starts on December 1 and of course ends on December 24 of each year. The Advent calendar that refers to the church year, on the other hand, sometimes starts as early as November, because the first Sunday of Advent can be as early as November 27. So it will be best to buy such a calendar in the third week of November or - alternatively at this time - complete the craft work, and then be happy until December 1, without falling over him until then, if the content is made of chocolate. This pure joy can then "transition" into opening the little packages on the 1st day of December. Or just opening the little doors.   ✓✓


Again, a music calendar for the Mini-Mozarts of the future: also one of my favorite calendars. And a music gift for our beloved dwarfs. ✓✓




I Love This Calendar ... Because Mt. Rushmore in the United States of America Was Its "Godfather" 


No. 11 * . Mt. Rushmore? For all of you who don't live in the USA, here's the little hint: Mt. Rushmore is the huge sculpture of the most famous presidents of the USA in a mountain massif. The gentlemen above, they are Schumann, Brahms and Beethoven. You know them, of course. Inspired by the U.S. presidents who adorn the Mt. Rushmore Memorial in the American state of South Dakota, I had the idea of doing the same with composers on engravings by various painters from the previous century. My arrangements are now similar, but of course the composers are not set in stone. * = ... it is the eleventh of 10 favorite calendars. Yes, that's me. ✓✓


Mt. Rushmore in the United States of America. Now, do you realize, what excited me? So, what inspired me to create this very music calendar below?  ✓✓


So, now you know what inspired me. This music calendar, on the right, consists of 12 combinations of 12 composers. So, if you like Beethoven, he will not only appear once in this calendar, but also on other monthly pages. If you think Bach is great, then you can admire him on four calendar pages, not just one. This is an important note. So this music calendar is quite different from any other in the whole big world. Don't be confused by this particular feature and feel free to look at all the monthly pages according to this special hint: This is the way to the composers calendars, there you will also find this one and with one click there are also the 12 monthly sheets. A really cool music gift.   ✓✓


I really couldn't decide which is now my very favorite among the 99 music calendars that I like the most. To be quite frank: I wish of course that you actually have the "agony of choice" with my music calendars. Because all of them are really exciting. On the other hand, I would of course already be happy if at least one design really "knocks your socks off". So the above is: the music calendar and at the same time composers calendar 12 of my favorites. ✓✓  




The Final of My Favorite Music Calendars ... After That One Entertainment About Calendars Continues 


The 13th music calendar of 10 (... !?) of my favorites, and at the same time a composers calendar and also a Bach calendar ... now not really in the sense of navigation ... closes my personal charts. On the left it is the Bach portrait painted by Briana Bach-Hertzog – she is also related to Johann Sebastian Bach and that much closer – on the right side there are 12 exciting "Bach treasures" that we have searched and found over many years and that illustrate many Bach websites today. Why don't you take a look at the monthly pages now?   ✓✓




Soon You Get More Here ...  


Now, however, this, my website is absolutely not yet finished. Everything that I have promised on this page above, in fact, must still be written, revised, corrected and then also illustrated with images. I'm planning that now for the next cooler time of the year, for the winter of 2022/2023. So, if you're a bit disappointed now, why don't you first discover all my 99 music calendars instead, which are actually composers calendars, Bach calendars, pipe organ calendars, and both music calendars for children and young people, and music calendars for adults. Or you may decide to have a look at the Valentine's Day calendars or the two Mother's Day calendars: Even if there are still many, many weeks until the next Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day ... maybe you are already much earlier with a gift this time. Maybe once ... as an exception to the rule?  ✓✓


Thank you for your visit and I hope you will come again sometime. You would bring me great pleasure if you also tell others about my offer and inform them. Preferably also via Facebook and Twitter. And in your music club. So that many people can get to know my 99 music calendars.


Thank you so much

Your Peter Bach, Jr.  ✓✓


On a website with the name "Music Calendars, Music Calendars", page 1 cannot simply end with "any" text. A music calendar or a monthly sheet in a music calendar must simply form the ending here. And that's why the May calendar page in a children's calendar on the subject of music is finally present for you here. Thus the end of this page was once planned, but ... it came differently!   ✓✓




Just All Music Calendars Now Also Here ... And That Is Very Compactly and as a Mix


99 music calendars, including many composers calendars, Bach calendars as well as the Pipe Organ Calendar, the Beethoven Calendar and the Mozart Calendar.  ✓✓




However, now you want to explore the monthly pages in the 99 music calendars? That works quite simply. Decide in the navigation (... top right) for a category. From there you can get to the monthly pages. Or click on the button on the left.  ✓✓



Pipe Organ Calendars, Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars ... More Than Anywhere Else in the Universe?


A children's calendar in the matter of music on the left and a cool composers calendar on the right. So, both are? Correct, music calendars. ✓✓


Two cool gifts for musicians. On the right it's  probably the almost tiniest Bach in the world, an orignal hand-made figure from the Erzgebirge, which is the Ore Mountains, in Germany. On the left it's a Bach calendar, one of 33 Bach calendars.  ✓✓


Even if you decide for a gift not available in our "music gift universe", you could support our Bach Mission … learn more.  ✓✓


A composer calendar on the left side, the Pipe Organ Calendar on the right side. And correct ... both are ... music calendars.  ✓✓



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