My Music Calendars, My Composers Calendars, My Bach Calendars and My Music Calendars for Children and young folks: 99 Music calendars  in European Format Style 

"Tinkering" music calendars is my hobby inside my hobby ... I am Peter Bach, Jr. and I created all these 99 music calendars: composers calendars, pipe organ calendars and Bach calendars. Of course, I would love if you guys buy one of all these art works. Please be aware, that you might consider this whole website promotion, advertisement = an ad. It is like we  my wife Renate and I – try to refinance our Bach mission.

2 pics of Peter Bach Jr., 2 pics of Renate Bach, the ownr of the music gifts publishing house "Bach 4 You"..

Music calendars and more music calendars: That is the motto of this website. I have fun creating calendars. However, just calendars related to the subjects of music, composers, Bach and music for children. My name is Peter Bach, Jr. and I am related to the composer and you get a little more information about me with a click here. However: you can make a "turn" already here: To the Bach calendars, to the composers calendars or the music calendars. Via the navigation to your right. My latest "invention" are two great gifts for St. Valentine's Day and for Mother's Day: The two Valentine's Day calendars and the two Mother's Day calendars. How you can purchase these calendars, is what you can figure out with a click here.   


Plus you get the prices upfront here. There are two categories. "Value priced" and "hot off the press". The value priced cost        xcxcxcx inches         € 11.90 / € 18.90 / € 39,90. The "hot off the press" cost € 22,90 / € 31,90 / 49,90, the sales tax is included, please add S & H.  

You get a quick overview of all 99 "value priced" and "hot off the press" music calendars with no read via the button to your right.

The 9 Value Priced Music Calendars


My favorite music calendar, the 2020 pipe organ calendar. 


Music calendars and more music calendars: That is what this website is all about. 33 Bach calendars, 33 Composers calendars and 33 Music calendars. 33 calendars of these 99 are especially for children and teens and young adults. There are 9 value priced calendars which you can see above these lines, and 90 hot off the press calendars. The sizes are 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. They are landscape format and upright format. And they all come in European format style, which is poster format style. It's just music calendars and more music calendars. 

Two St. Valentine's Day Calendars and Two Mother's Day Calendars


The Valentine's Day calendar, of course it's also a music calendar.


A dreamlike additional gift for Mother's Day: A Mother's Day calendar. Additional? Yes, it is not supposed to replace the actual gift for this special day of honor. It is supposed to be a surprise That is why the publishing company orders a small edition in the smallest size, which is 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches. So you can buy it value priced. As an additional gift. For Mother's Day. 


It is not a music calendar, but the only calendar I "invented" that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with music.


Two Artists, One Publishing House and the  Johann Sebastian Bach Mission 

One calendar publishing house, a real tiny miniature calendar publishing house offers - and that is rather sure - most calendars related to three subjects world wide: Music calendars, composers calendars and Bach calendars. It's a total of 99 themes and designs which you can choose from. Peter Bach jr. has "invented" them, so to speak, he has taken dozens of photos, he arranged and he organized many, many artworks together with more than 50 painters. However, you can't purchase all the calendars not on this website. However you can buy them in my wife's publishing house shop. "Bach 4 You". One detail is important: There are value priced calendars available in each section, however there are – and even many more of those – hot off the press calendars. You will find 33 calendars related to the subject of Bach, 33 calendars subject "composers", 33 calendars in the matter "music". Plus there is something really ne and exciting: There are 2 Valentine's Day calendars and there are 2 Mother's Day calendars. May be, all these cool calendars are published in a real calendar publishing house after all?!


Calendars related to the subject of Bach, composers calendars and calendars in the matter of music. On this page I want you to meet my 10 favorite calendars. However: You get to a compact selection better here: music calendars, Bach calendars, composers calendars. This first page of my website is all about and exclusively for your entertainment. It is all about the subject of music calendars ... however music calendars in general. In the picture above is the youngest of all calendars: It is one of the two Mother's Day calendars. Of course these two match the theme of music, too. 


One calendar for children. It is my next favorite calendar. It's of course for children but for those as well, who remained young but grew in age. By the way. You get to all monthly pages with a click here. 

An Entertaining Mixture: Much Information Related to the Subject of Music and My Most Beautiful Calendars As Appetizers 


Calendars, calendars, calendars. You get directly to the Bach calendars here, to the music calendars here and to the composers calendars with a click  – whenever you are ready or in the mood – via the navigation on top of this page on the right. On this very page of my website – from here on – you may ready exclusively, what you might want to learn about the subject of calendars. You may order all of my calendars in the small publishing house of my wife Renate, the name of this publishing company is "Bach 4 You" as mentioned before, too. Sorry, you can not order calendars directly via this website nor from me. However, without "any kidding" now": This publishing house, the Renate Bach Verlag in German, is really tiny on the one hand. On the other hand it's extremely specialized. And reliable. And fast. And this publishing houses loves quality ... in every aspect. 


If this composers calendar isn't cool, which one is it after all? This is my next favorite music calendar. Plus no, it is no music gift for stamp collectors, it's rather a music calendar for a classic music fan. 

How To Order a Music Calendar: That Is How the Whole Game Works 

Shortly one detail, before we get to the subject music calendars. Whether you found me on the internet on Google ... or you wanted some information about music calendars in your bookstore or the team in the bookstore "sent" you to this website. Or whether you are in your bookstore currently and stand – together with a sales person – right in front of their computers, here's information, how that works: Firstly with the selection of all 99 calendars and after that with ordering calendars.


If you work in a bookstore or it is your bookstore, so you are the bookstore owner, here you learn more about a cooperation, with a click. The same is true, if you own or work in a music school or if you own or sell instruments and music stuff.  


Animals and music: Isn't this a combination that might find children funnier? I don't think so. This is the next of my favorite 10 calendars in the subject of music, Bach and composers ... 


... however this calendar is even cuter. So this is why this one is one of my favorite calendars, too.


Of course the publishing house ""Bach 4 You" offers more than music calendars. It offers hundreds more music gifts, like the tiniest Bach from the Erzgebirge, which is the Ore Mountains, on the left.


Calendars, Calendars: Here Is where Fun and Information Starts 


A postage stamp related to the subject of calendars. Plus how beautiful: You do speak Italian, don't you?! In the lower right corner there is the theme related to the release in Italian and you know, what it is about 1982 it was published in Italy and here you can admire this postage stamp in its full beauty. issuer however is not the state of Italy but the Vatican. 


We are beyond the 50 percent of my favorite calendars and I didn't show you the calendar above related to the theme of music calendars for grownups.  


Again A Favorite Calendar: 12 Cool Composers on 12 Even Cooler Age old Historic Newspaper Titles ... Enjoy! 


Enlarge and enjoy these monthly calendar pages in the "composers calendars corner". The resolution of the scans of all 12 newspaper pages are just breathtaking! 


It's quiet a bit of time ago, when there where such entertainment pages around in Germany. They looked like daily newspaper had names like "Über Land und Meer" which is "Over Land and Sea", "Allgemeine Familien-Zeitung", which is "General Family Newspaper" or "Illustrierte Welt" which would be "Illustrated World". These were no newspapers, like we know them today. However: It was a mixture of the ancestor of our magazines today: Entertaining and with pictures.


"Über Land und Meer" (Over Land and Sea), 1858 almost exactly 100 years prior to my birth (1957) was published for as long as 65 years. And that was once a week in Stuttgart, in Southern Germany. Karl May was surely the most famous author which we (Germans) know, Wilhelm Busch, a famous painter in Germany was one of the artists, who contributed drawings. Those who want to learn even beyond this general about that, are best off here.


"Illustrierte Welt" ("Illustrated World") were publications about nature, science and life, which were written for "entertainment and instruction of the family".


Really exciting to mention in this context is the publication "Die Gartenlaube", what is sort of "The Arbor" in English, which some of the elderly people in Germany, like grandfathers and grandmothers still know very well. Actually this kind of newspaper was closest to what we know as magazines today. In libraries of universities in Germany you still can browse through volume by volume, for instance, if you are "underway in the matter of genealogy", maybe in the subject of Bach genealogy?! Here is where you may learn a lot more about the "Gartenlaube". It was – by the way – first released in 1853 in Leipzig.  


Checking on one tiny hidden hint regarding the Bindersleben branch of the Johann Sebastian Bach Family of Musicians, I "dug through" hundreds of volumes and thousands of pages. Do you really know my challenge? This historic age old "stuff" is so interesting to discover that you are stuck every 10 minutes or so and find yourself reading, how they knew the world back then, when America was a weeks long trip by ship away from the "Old World" and not just 8 hours in a plane and you complain, because your tomato juice didn't come at the perfect temperature.  


Calendar, Calendar: There Is so Much to Discover! 


You already know that: There is the Julian calendar, the Gregorian calendar, the farmer's calendar, the 100 years calendar. However: Have you heard a bout an Egyptian Calendar the Attic Calendar and the Chinese Calendar. You do have hear about the Chinese Calendar, don't you?!


Plus you have surely heard about the Roman calendar, the Old Roman calendar and the moon calendar. However: Do you know what the Islamic calendar is about, the Jewish calendar and the Maya calendar?


You will be able to learn more about all these different ways, how humans and peoples managed to agree how to manage time in the past and the future: Here and now. If you have the feeling, this while information could be a little be better organized and more compact, please go on reading a little further down the page. About you might like to know about calendars.


Did you know that there is even a South West Arabien Star Calendar? Well, the mentioned calendar is a ethnological study and that is by Andre Gingrich. Regarding structure, the context and a regional comparison of a tribal agricultural calendars of the Munebbih in Jemen. Now it's all clear? Rather no, we don't want to dive that deep into that material.


However there are more calendars, which don't seem that much exotic, like the South West Arabic Star Calendar: There are pregnancy calendars, the well-known Maya calendar of course, a ministry calendar, the geological calendar for friends and lovers of stars, the cycle calendar, Brandenburg's first inter religious calendar, the Hamburg real time calendar and of course, this particular one just can't be forgotten: This is the Advent's calendar, which starts every 1st of December of every year: It's the Advent Calendar.  


It's absolutely clear: This is one of my favorite music calendars, too: 12 Bach portrait of artists in a "moderate league", so to speak, not as renowned as Haussmann and Ihle, but as well not as unknown as the absolutely unknown masters of tomorrow. Plus there are 12 more portraits by future masters, which we might consider the real big painters in 100 years from now. By the way: You get to the Bach calendars with a click in the navigation right on top of this page on the right.


The Advent Calendar 


First of all the most important fact about the Adventskalender, which is the Advent Calendar in English: You write this term with an "s" in Germany, but without an "s" in Austria. These are those guys southeast of Germany which speak German too, most of them talk in a really likable accent. However, had you known that there are two Advent Calendars? The civil starts at December 1st and ends - that is absolutely clear - on December 24th of every year. However, the Advent Calendar which is related to the church year, starts, every once in while, already in November, as the first Sunday of Advent could be a 27th of November, for instance. So best would probably be, you buy one of these calendars already in the third week of November or - alternatively - finish your handcraft job at this time. After that you are looking for the 1st of December, without attacking it. This pure joy can fade later - on the first day of the December into an opening of the little packages. Or , alternatively into the opening of the little doors.  

Again one calendar for the mini Mozarts of the  future: One of my favorite calendars. 


I Love this Calendar, Because Mt. Rushmore Was Inspiration 


Mt. Rushmore? For all those, who do not live in the USA, here a small hint: Mt. Rushmore is a gigantic sculpture of the most famous presidents of the USA in a mountain massive. Those gentlemen above, Schumann, Brahms and Beethoven. You do know them of course. Inspired by the presidents, who are displayed in the Mt. Rushmore Memorial in the State of South Dakota, I had the idea, to create such a memorial from the feather of a painter. Of course the composers are not chiseled in stone.  


Mt. Rushmore in the United States of America. Now, do you realize, what excited me? 


Now you know, what inspired me. This calendar on the right comes up with 12 combinations of 12 composers. So if you like Beethoven, he will not only show up once, but on more pages. If you like Bach, you can admire him on 4 monthly calendar pages. This is an important detail. So this calendar is actually not like the other ones. Don't be fooled by this detail and check on the monthly pages with that special hint. 


I just couldn't decide for my "absolutely very favorite" calendar among my 10 favorite calendars. Actually - to be frank - I would really  be very happy if you had the agony of choice with my calendars. Alternatively I would be happy, too if at least one design "blows your socks off".  

The Final of My Favorite Music Calendars: After This One Entertainment About Calendars Starts here right away 


I know, you had seen this calendar before closer to the top of the page, but that was in the "value priced section". This is a favorite calendar and also a value priced calendar. It needed two artists to create it, one of them is my wife Renate.  


To be continued ...  

Today is June 24th of 2018 and the beginning of the calendar season 2018/2019 is just 5 weeks away. On August 1st the early season starts. However some 70 % of all calendars are sold in the months of October, November and December, we want to be ready with all calendar monthly pages when the first day of the early season begins. Which is August 1st. Good there are only some 1,000 calendar pages left to create. Which is my job for the next 6 weeks.


However: That is why this page of my website actually ins't ready at all. Everything I promised earlier has to be written edited, corrected and I have to add illustrations. That is what I plan for the colder season of this year. So, if you are disappointed now, why don't you explore all the 99 music calendars, which are the the composes calendars, the Bach calendars and both sections music calendars for grown-ups and music calendars for children and teens. Or you decide to discover the Valentine's Day calendars or the Mother's Day calendars, even if it's many, many weeks away. What if you are really early this season with one gift, an exception to the rule?


Thanks for visiting and hopefully you come back. If you would like to do me a favor, please tell others about my offer on Facebook and Twitter: About all of my more than 99 music calendars.


Thank you so much.

Peter Bach jr. 

On a website called "music calendars, music calendars", the page 1 cannot simply stop with "any" text. A music calendar or a monthly sheet from a music calendar must simply form the conclusion. And therefore the December page from the favorable child calendar is again present to the topic music here also for you. 

Just All Music Calendars Again ... And that Is Very Compactly and as a Mix


However, now you want to know more about the monthly pages? That works pretty easily. Just click on the info button to your left.

Pipe Organ Calendars, Music Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars


A children's calendar in the matter of music on the left and a cool composers calendar on the right. So, both are? Right, music calendars.


2 cool gifts for musicians. On the right it's  the almost tiniest Bach in the world, an orignal hand-made figure from the Erzgebirge, which is the Ore Mountains. On the left it's a Bach calendar, one of 33 Bach calendars.


A composer calendar on the left side, the pipe organ calendar on the right side. And right ... both are ... music calendars.

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