Bach Calendars and More Bach Calendars (Survey): There Is One Value Priced + 32 Hot Off the Press Bach Calendars 2023


The Bach calendars are actually music calendars, of course. Here you can get the prices: There are 2 categories music calendars: affordable and hot off the press. The inexpensive Bach calendars cost DIN A4 / DIN A3 / DIN A2 ... € 13.90 / € 18.90 / € 39.90. We print them in a tiny edition. The hot off the press Bach calendars cost € 23.90 / € 32.90 / € 49.90. Both types include VAT, please add S&H costs. The shipping costs within Germany are € 2 (DIN A4) or € 4 (DIN A3) or € 8 (DIN A2). Please check for S&H costs to countries outside Germany in the shop. Cleck here to learn what's the sizes in centimeters and in inches (DIN hints).


To explore all twelve monthly pages of each calendar, please click on the info button which takes you to the shop. There, please check on the matching "calendar department", find your favorite calendar and you can check on the  prices and sizes via a click on the button below that ... plus, you can explore the monthly pages.   ✓✓



The Affordable Bach Calendar


This is the value priced Bach calendar. You will find the 32 additional hot off the press Bach calendars further down this page. Here you get information with just one click, how everything works. And here is, where you also find information about prices and S&H.  ✓✓ 

Sorry, you can order no calendar right here on this website, as Peter is just the author of these 99 music calendars and this website. However you can purchase one (... or more) of these music calendars in my shop, just order or send a mail to Renate Bach, the owner of the Renate Bach Publishing House. With a click on the shop button or right here you will get to the shop.  ✓✓



 Bach Calendars: 32 Hot Off the Press Bach Calendars 


Bach gifts? Sure, Bach calendars are Bach gifts. So? Nobody else on earth "invented" so many Bach calendars, like I did. 33 Bach calendars. 3 sizes. 2022 + 2023. To the shop.  ✓✓


Yes, there are Bach calendars with a grid, too. Check on "Zazzle" … learn more.   ✓✓


On the left it is a Bach bust, one of five Bach busts, that the Publishing House "Bach 4 You" offers. Most important detail of those five? The face expression, as most Bach busts are ... ugly! Click to the shops above and next to "Bach 4 You", if you are interested to learn more. ✓✓


On the left it is a composers calendar, on the right it is a composers T-Shirt. Did you know, that "Bach 4 You" is a specialist, when it comes to Bach T-shirts?  ✓✓



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